Technical Interviews

Companies spend a lot of time and money on technical interviews, thus outsourcing of the technical round of interviews is a smarter and efficient alternative. The technical round of interviews generally forms the first stage of the interviewing process after conduct of an aptitude test. Our services can help your organization concentrate only on quality candidates.

Our experienced team of experts offers technical interviews in various fields like Linux, Networking, Programming Challenges, Soft Skills, etc.

For each resume you submit to us, a report is compiled by our technical experts, which will summarize the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, thus enabling you to make a more precise decision.

Competency assessment

A competency assessment focuses on how well an employee or a candidate is performing the required job skills in relation to specified performance standards. Companies need to identify existing competencies and skills gaps of their current and potential employees. We provide question banks that can be customized for specific skill-level outcomes.

Competency assessments present an effective means to:

  • Provide a performance assessment tool
  • Showcase skills that require additional training or practice
  • Measure employee performance
  • Define competence within your organization
  • Provide ongoing employee performance coaching

Post – training assessmente

Companies assess employees at the end of any training program to benchmark the effectiveness of the program. We provide question banks for Post-Training Assessments as well. Since people’s dedication to learning relies on the fact that learning is achievable, it is essential and an important part of training to present the results with feedback in order to guide employees in the right direction.

Interview Evaluation

We have been conducting employee evaluations and lateral evaluations for various organizations across the world. Our interview evaluation forms comprise specific positions with cone questions for each of the critical success skills that have been identified for that particular position and include a rating scale to score answers. These evaluations can be categorized as:

  • Competency Determination Evaluations: Paper-tests of Employees
  • Telephonic Evaluations for Hiring: Screening or Detailed Interviews for All Levels
  • Face to face Evaluations for Hiring: Final Interview Round for All Levels


We at Fenny Smart provide information and systematically documents it, providing a detailed description of the entire lifecycle of a project. It covers the key factors that research has shown to be most useful and beneficial when trying to hire the right people. Specific examples are:

  • Technical Specifications such as Functional Specifications, System Design Specifications, Test Plans
  • Business Proposal Creation
  • Reports for Technical Reviews, Defect Metrics, Status Reports
  • Annual Project Report
  • Technical/Business Case Studies


Fenny Smart has a proven process to identify suitable resources for a given requirement. We add a value proposition to this process by not only testing the technology prowess but also their attitudes, soft skills and intellectual abilities. Some of our services include:

  • Conducting Technical Reviews
  • Program/Project Definition and Direction
  • Program/Project Tracking and Documentation
  • Manpower and Workload Recommendations
  • Coordinating Project KT (Knowledge Transfer) sessions
  • Troubleshooting and Quick fixes
  • Outsourcing the Technical Process (Quality and Compliance related)
  • Best Practice Recommendation and Implementations